Ye Olde Blog Roll

Remember Blog Rolls? For those under 45, it was an integral part of the “old” web. If you had a site, you mostly likely also had a whole list of other blogs and sites you were fond of in a curated list called a Blog Roll. Blog Rolls were fabulous discovery tools; you could ping-pong from blog to blog for days, finding all kinds of cool and weird sites. Sadly, Facebook’s war on Web 1.0 have largely killed off the practice…or has it?

Here are some sites for your delectation. I have no affiliation with most of these; I just found them while learning more about photography and found them inspiring or helpful or cool. I do not associate with GWCs (“guy with camera”), creeps, sex pests, and boundary breakers and have done my best to omit them from this list, but if you see someone here that shouldn’t be platformed let me know and I’ll drop them. There is also some fantastic work being done by photographers in Russia that you won’t see here until their father country gets the fuck out of Ukraine. My site, my rules.

People I Know

Places I Patronize