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  • Dark Beauty with Claire

    Dark Beauty with Claire

    “Dark Beauty” is one of those quasi-undefinable/catch-all descriptions for a specific genre of photography that’s easier to identify than define. It usually manifests as fashion with a darker, bleaker, more sinister aesthetic, but it also veers into extremely polished fantasy imagery. I don’t have the innate talent for the fantasy stuff, so when Claire and…

  • More Thoughts on This Hobby of Mine

    More Thoughts on This Hobby of Mine

    I rambled a bit about my hobby in a previous post and wanted to expound about it a bit more. When people find out what I do for fun they naturally have questions. Most of those questions, oddly enough, focus on what I plan to do with the photos I take. When I tell them…

  • Glamour with Claire

    Glamour with Claire

    I’m gutted that the airbnb person who rented out this place in Charlotte no longer does so, because these windows were so much fun.

  • Vanilla Week: Kimberly

    Find yourself a tattoo artist who is as good in front of the camera as she is behind a device that is stabbing you in the arm thousands of times an hour. Kimberly is the proprietress of Golden Falcon Tattoo, in Chapel Hill, NC.

  • Fitness and Faded Jeans

    This session had two objectives: show off Claire’s power lifting gains and do one (possibly) last session with a pair of jeans that have featured in many a session over the last half decade. The goal was to have one last hurrah with the jeans, which no longer fit the same way they did 5…

  • Recent Work: Claire

    Recent Work: Claire

    Claire needs a bit of explaining. I have been working with Claire for almost five years. She was the second person I photographed nude and the first new friend that I felt comfortable saying “I’m asexual” to. In the nearly half decade that we’ve known each other she’s become a hilarious partner in crime and…