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  • Glamour with Claire

    Glamour with Claire

    I’m gutted that the airbnb person who rented out this place in Charlotte no longer does so, because these windows were so much fun.

  • Caturday, Sanya Style

    Caturday, Sanya Style

    Just Another Entry in my Cats Hiding in Plain Sight Oeuvre.

  • Caturday: Butters Style

    Caturday: Butters Style

    Butters hopes that her coloration camouflages her so that her rest is not interrupted, but also that you’ll notice her and give her chin skritches, because despite the dour mien she really loves chin skritches. And with that, we wrap up this edition of Vanilla Week! Tomorrow we get back to the NSFW stuff.

  • Vanilla Week: Santa Cruz Sunset

    Taken the first day of my BFF’s bachelor party weekend. This was captured with my first mirrorless camera, the dainty and hella cool Fujifilm X-T10: a 16 megapixel APS-C crop sensor camera whose low light performance matched my 21 megapixel full frame Canon. It is also a megapixel myth-buster. I have printed this image as…

  • Recent Work: Into the Woods with Jo & Claire

    Recent Work: Into the Woods with Jo & Claire

    2023 started off balmy and warm in the North Carolina Piedmont and with warm weather on the horizon a second round in the woods with Jo seemed like the ideal way to begin the new year. Jo and I had initially planned an indoor natural light shoot. Studio strobes can make you lazy: by and…

  • Recent Work: Jo

    Recent Work: Jo

    Jo Rose is a multi-talented Durham-based burlesque performer, producer, aerialist, model…the list goes on. It’s hard to over-sell Jo, because she’s just so damn good at everything she does. She’s also a friend and my other photographic partner-in-crime, so I may be bit biased.