Fitness and Faded Jeans

OM-1 | M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 | 1/250 sec | f/5.6 | ISO 200

This session had two objectives: show off Claire’s power lifting gains and do one (possibly) last session with a pair of jeans that have featured in many a session over the last half decade. The goal was to have one last hurrah with the jeans, which no longer fit the same way they did 5 years ago due to the aforementioned power lifting, but we may not quite be done with them just yet.

Recent Work: Into the Woods with Jo & Claire

2023 started off balmy and warm in the North Carolina Piedmont and with warm weather on the horizon a second round in the woods with Jo seemed like the ideal way to begin the new year. Jo and I had initially planned an indoor natural light shoot. Studio strobes can make you lazy: by and large your camera’s settings remain set in stone and while you will change your lighting ratios, this is done by pushing a few buttons and moving a light or two.

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