Canon EOS 40D | 200mm | 1/50sec | f/4 | ISO-400

This is Azlan. Azlan was a large, older, scuffed up former stray who decided he really, really didn’t want to be outdoors anymore. He loved laps, being pet, and sleeping on your chest, which was hella inconvenient when you wanted to so something as mundane as breathe while you slept. Many a nap was interrupted by me gasping for air while this bruiser of a cat purred inches from your face.

Azlan wasn’t with us long – a disease that hides dormant in felines took him from us several months after we brought him home – but what a lovely few months those were. As you can see from his face he had a hard life, but the end of it was filled with warmth and love.

Caturday: Butters Style

X-T4 | 50mm | 1/60sec | f/1 | ISO-1000

Butters hopes that her coloration camouflages her so that her rest is not interrupted, but also that you’ll notice her and give her chin skritches, because despite the dour mien she really loves chin skritches.

And with that, we wrap up this edition of Vanilla Week! Tomorrow we get back to the NSFW stuff.