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  • Caturday: Butters Style

    Caturday: Butters Style

    Butters hopes that her coloration camouflages her so that her rest is not interrupted, but also that you’ll notice her and give her chin skritches, because despite the dour mien she really loves chin skritches. And with that, we wrap up this edition of Vanilla Week! Tomorrow we get back to the NSFW stuff.

  • Vanilla Week: The Penultimate Post

    A favorite portrait of my favorite human: the chemo-slinging, life-saving superhero that is my wife.

  • Vanilla Week: Santa Cruz Sunset

    Taken the first day of my BFF’s bachelor party weekend. This was captured with my first mirrorless camera, the dainty and hella cool Fujifilm X-T10: a 16 megapixel APS-C crop sensor camera whose low light performance matched my 21 megapixel full frame Canon. It is also a megapixel myth-buster. I have printed this image as…

  • Vanilla Week: Kimberly

    Find yourself a tattoo artist who is as good in front of the camera as she is behind a device that is stabbing you in the arm thousands of times an hour. Kimberly is the proprietress of Golden Falcon Tattoo, in Chapel Hill, NC.

  • Bonus: More on Olympus’ Bonkers IS

    Here are two other hella experimental handheld test shots I took, just to see what the Olympus/OM System was capable of. Six muther-fudgin’ seconds, y’all: This was high up in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House at Walt Disney World, at 8:15 PM, with a gentle rain starting to fall. Sure, it took several tries…

  • On the Almost Magical IS of Olympus/OM System Cameras

    About a year ago a question was posted to the Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk forum of the now-defunct DP Review (which is to the shock and amusement of the camera world is still kicking). I’m not much of a forum posting/responding kind of guy, but this question was right in my wheelhouse and…

  • Vanilla Week Continues: WDW Fireworks

    As the sidebar says: “Fine Art Nudes, Erotica, Travel, Portraits, Cats.” Having featured Harrow yesterday, let’s continue vanilla week with this image from last Halloween Eve. One of the things that I adore about OM System (formerly Olympus) cameras is their class-leading image stabilization (“IS”). In fact, their IS was the thing that sold me…

  • Caturday (a day late)

    Harrow doesn’t mind if it’s a day late, so why should you?

  • Miss Meccakhan

    All you have to do is spend 5 minutes with Miss Meccakhan to understand why she’s Everyone’s Favorite Feral Friend. The energy. The joie de vivre. The passion for her craft. The savviness. It’s infectious as hell.