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  • Vanilla Week: Kimberly

    Find yourself a tattoo artist who is as good in front of the camera as she is behind a device that is stabbing you in the arm thousands of times an hour. Kimberly is the proprietress of Golden Falcon Tattoo, in Chapel Hill, NC.

  • Bonus: More on Olympus’ Bonkers IS

    Here are two other hella experimental handheld test shots I took, just to see what the Olympus/OM System was capable of. Six muther-fudgin’ seconds, y’all: This was high up in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House at Walt Disney World, at 8:15 PM, with a gentle rain starting to fall. Sure, it took several tries … Read more

  • On the Almost Magical IS of Olympus/OM System Cameras

    About a year ago a question was posted to the Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk forum of the now-defunct DP Review (which is to the shock and amusement of the camera world is still kicking). I’m not much of a forum posting/responding kind of guy, but this question was right in my wheelhouse and … Read more

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