Light Illuminates, Shadows Define

X-T4 | 35mm | 1/250sec | f/11 | ISO-160

This image of Rui is a testament to the importance of being prepared. I tend to overpack for a session, but this time it paid off. We had already shot two looks when Rui said, “Could you just light me from here up and have the rest in shadow?”

“Actually,” I said, not at all in a mansplaining sort of way, “I can!”

In my kit was a set of barn doors. I had never, ever used them, but because they were small, light, and were made to fit in my Flashpoint eVOLV 200 storage case, I brought them along on every shoot. Now, it was their time to shine!

I slapped them on the strobe and a few adjustments plus a handful of test shots later this image was born. There were other solutions that would have yielded better results, but we were pleased with the results of our improvisation.

I haven’t used them since, but the barn doors have a permanent place in my kit. After all, we got the shot and I grew a bit as a photographer. That’s worth a little extra space in my light bag.


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