Ivy Sublime: “All Seeing Eyes”

This was one of my favorite sessions ever. Ivy Sublime, the subliminal seductress, is a Durham-based burlesque performer and co-head of Luxury Burlesque. More on them later <wink>.

One of Ivy’s acts is called “All Seeing Eyes” and it features the most extraordinary set of handmade, realistic eye pasties you’ve ever seen. The effect, as you can see in the images here, is striking. Alarming, even. Unfortunately, being latex the pasties have a short career span and Ivy knew that they wouldn’t survive another performance. But they were also hella cool and must be immortalized in print for posterity.

So we hatched a plan, rented a studio, and had a free-wheeling session where we captured the routine from every angle.

You didn’t think I’d deny you some color shots, did you?