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Caution: This Buzzard Might be the Last Wholesome Thing You See!

Thank you for visiting Chris Ubik Photography, home of the “World’s Best Asexual Erotic Photographer.” When you hit the button below you will be transported to a magical realm where erotica coexists with travel photos, general portraiture, and eventually some cats.

I’ve put up this here landing page because I am a big believer in consent. I don’t know how you found me, but I do know that this is not a photo sharing service like Flickr; suddenly experiencing the nude form might be unpleasant or even triggering.

So we’re going full consent here. By clicking below you are consenting to view my work, in all its naked, erotic, and occasionally vanilla glory. If that doesn’t grill your cheese, you can always watch Maru videos on YouTube. That’s a win/win if I ever saw one!